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Thank you for all your help in fixing my infected PC, which had a really nasty computer virus, and although it was no easy task in removing it, your team showed patience, understanding, determination and an overall standard of professionalism that you don't come across very often."

- Malcolm Hopkins, Group Marketing Manager
- Volvo Squire Furneaux Group

" Top service. i really like what you have done with my infected ThinkPad. It's nice to come back."
- Jari Facy

" Thank you for the support, efficient and fast. You are true professionals."
- Amar Guillen

What's new?

  • 24 Apr

    VirTool:JS/Obfuscator.EK Virus Removal Guide

    Are you in need of help on removing VirTool:JS/Obfuscator.EK virus? Does your antivirus program detected the virus but isn’t able to eliminate it? Why can’t the well-working antivirus software get rid of the Trojan completely? How can we delete the virus since all antivirus software fail to do that? VirTool:JS/Obfuscator.EKTrojan Virus Infection Detected VirTool:JS/Obfuscator.EK is […]


  • 24 Apr

    TrojanDownloader:Win32/Wobotork.A Removal Tips

    Has your computer been infected by this TrojanDownloader:Win32/Wobotork.A? Still have no clue to remove it completely? Have tried many anti-virus programs to remove but all failed? Don’t want to mess up personal computer by removing wrong files? We will provide a removal guide in the following article. Brief Introduction to This Trojan We can easily […]


  • 24 Apr

    Mystart.vi-view.com Redirect Removal

    I am having trouble to get rid of the mystart.vi-view.com website on my home page. It keeps reappearing on my browser no matter how many times I tried to reset browser. And I have random pop ups all over the websites which were never seen before. It’s really annoying. I can’t search online efficiently. Please […]


  • 23 Apr

    How to Remove Win32/Boaxxe.BB Virus

    Can’t get rid of Win32/Boaxxe.BB virus via antivirus? I got this Trojan horse when I was downloading a PDF file from a website. I got lots of troubles from this Trojan attack. My computer was running poorly and it got frozen up frequently. Why does my anti-virus software fail to catch the Trojan horse? How […]


  • 23 Apr

    How to Remove Exploit!win32/pdfjsc.akz Completely

    I think this Exploit!win32/pdfjsc.akz hits my computer for a long time. I don’t know when and how it invades my computer. After that, I have changed many kinds of anti-virus programs to get it removed, but none of them can work. How can it be removed completely? It can be tough for me to do […]


  • 31 May

    Remove Austrian Polizei Virus Ukash Scam

    Austrian Polizei Ukash virus scam is the same as the police ransomware AFP virus scam, which locked computers to extort fines from the victims. You can learn about this virus and follow the instructions to remove it completely.

  • 29 May

    United States Courts Virus Scam

    United States Courts virus is another ransomware variant of FBI Moneypak virus family. This virus scam scares the victims by popping up a court warning from United States Courts. Learn how to remove this United States Courts virus with YooSecurity.

  • 20 Feb

    Cheshire Police Authority Virus

    Is your computer locked by Cheshire Police Authority virus? Cheshire Police Authority virus is another police ransomware virus pretending to be Police Central e-crime Unit of United Kingdom. Learn how to remove it completely with YooSecurity experts.

  • 10 Feb

    How to Remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Moneypak Virus

    ICE Cyber Crimes Center virus is a new variant of FBI Moneypak virus blocking computer access and asking $400 to unlock your computer.

  • 19 Nov

    How to Remove Computer Blocked White Screen Virus

    Locked by White Screen virus? White Screen virus is just another police ronsomware like the infamous FBI virus. It extorts Moneypak fines from victims by popping up "Your computer has been locked" warning. Remove White Screen virus with YooSecurity experts now.

  • 22 Sep

    Your PC Locked by Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus (AFP Ukash Virus) Extorting $100 AUD Fine to Unlock?

    Australian Federal Police Ukash virus (AFP Ukash Virus) is a fake ransomware trying to pretend they are the official Australian Federal Police and ask for $100 AUD to unlock your computer via Paysafecard.

  • 7 Sep

    Is MoneyPak United States Cyber Security Virus Blocking and Locking My Computer?

    Has your computer been locked by US Cyber Security Moneypak virus and you couldn't do anything on your computer? This guide will show you how to remove this United States Cyber Security virus and allow you to unlock your computer completely.

  • 16 Aug

    Remove Interpol Department of Cybercrime Virus/ Ransomware/ Scam

    Interpol Department of Cybercrime virus is another fake Britain police warning that coaxes you into paying. It is a fake warning and the removal on this virus should be done immediately to avoid further compromises.

  • 18 Aug

    Locked by Police Cybercrime Investigation Department virus? Step-by-Step Removal Guide

    Police Cybercrime Investigation Department virus is a Reveton Ransomware variant targeting the user's computers located in Canada. Learn how to remove this ransomware completely, protect your computer from other threats and keep it virus free.

  • 19 Jun

    How do I get rid of Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus (PCEU) that locked my computer?

    Metropolitan Police (PCEU) virus extorts £100 fine for unblocking the locked victim's computer in Britain via the pre-paid payment services Ukash and Paysafecard. Please don't pay any fees or give out any personal information. You can contact YooSecurity professionals for malware removal or try to remove it by following this guide.

  • 14 Jun

    Remove FBI Moneypak Virus

    Is your computer being hijacked and locked by the lockdown virus pretending to be FBI officials and asking you to pay $100 fine via Moneypak to unlock your computer? Is your computer locked and blocked by the FBI Moneypak virus and the FBI virus scam like Your Computer has been locked! virus, FBI Online Agent virus, International Cyber Security Protection Alliance virus, FBI Paypal virus and FBI MoneyGram virus? Learn how to remove the FBI Moneypak virus (a.k.a FBI virus) with YooSecurity.

  • 5 May

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ukash Virus

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ukash virus is a virus scam locking computer and asking for $100 Canadian dollars by popping up the "Your computer has been locked" message. This virus must be removed immediately to avoid further computer compromises. Learn how to remove it with YooSecurity experts.

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