Is App Uninstaller the Best Mac Uninstaller? App Uninstaller Review

Is App Uninstaller by a legit product? At YooSecurity, we've tested, reviewed, and rated nearly 20 apps to help you choose the best Mac uninstaller to completely uninstall any unwanted Mac apps with ease: App Uninstaller has been around for nearly 10 years, and is the app removal choice of our support team. Our latest testing found that it is a legit and powerful utility for anyone to own. As a matter of fact, our technicians have been using it to remotely help our customers and recommend it as the essential tool to keep their Mac computers in good shape.

A Mac device is not that useful if you don't use apps for either work or entertaiment. The problems? The more apps you're using, the less disk space is available and actively running processes are utilizing very high resources like CPU and RAM, leading to an overall performnce slowdown or even crashed (based on our serving experience of these years, an almost full disk space on Mac will usually cause significant slowdown). If you try to delete the apps you don't need or are taking up large disk space, you'll find the regular drag-to-trash does not really work as you expect, leaving a lot of files behind or even the app still running. The mnnual way to delete the leftovers is a risky task, and any accidental deletion might cause your deivce not work properly.

App Uninstaller is built to uninstall any unwanted Mac app completely, including all the files of the app. All the app uninstall process is automated and blazingly fast. It is lightweight to run and very affordable to own, as it is one-time charged.

Testing apps: Our team will be rigorously testing a list of apps by using App Uninstaller to demostrate how well it is using it to remove Mac apps. We'll be continually testing new apps and updated the testing result in the following video logs.

Real-world testing: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Mac apps

Video #1: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is an excellent iPhone or iPad data recovery tool on Mac, support Chinese interface, PhoneRescue can recover iPhone, iPad, iPod data, including pictures, videos, music, documents, contact information and so on. PhoneRescue is an iOS-compatible data recovery program designed to retrieve your lost photos, messages, contacts, music, and more data from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Whether you were mistakenly deleted or inadvertently lost the things that were important to you, it will help you find them. It also provides you with an intuitive, simple user interface that even your grandparents can easily use to get back all their lost data. It's not just a recovery tool, it can also get your iPhone back from any iOS system issues, or like a crash stuck on the Apple logo, recover more loops, black screen, and much more.

Video #2: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall AnyTrans

The AnyTrans interface is easy to use, importing, exporting music or applications is as simple as using Explorer, built-in video format conversion tools, you can automatically convert imported movies to the most appropriate format, transfer faster. AnyTrans is an iOS device data transfer and data management tool on Mac, which is more convenient to use than Apple's official iTunes, not that iTunes is not easy to use, but one more choice is still good. AnyTrans's interface is simple to use and similar to iTunes. Importing and exporting music or apps is as easy as using Explorer, and you can also transfer apps between different devices on iPhone, iPad, iPod. AnyTrans's built-in video format conversion tool automatically converts imported movies to the most appropriate format, while also transferring much faster than iTunes.

Video #3: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Mitti

Mitti is a powerful and easy-to-use professional video playback solution for theaters, audiovisual performances, performances and exhibitions on a macOS platform with a clear, intuitive, and uncluttered user interface, easy-to-learn and use workflows, on top of modern 64-bit low-latency audio, and a powerful GPU-accelerated video playback engine. You can create clues to Mitti from video and still image files, as well as rich inputs, including camera, siphon, and NDI sources. Cues have their own colors, video effects, audio output, and conversion settings. Mitti's playback engine can be easily synchronized with any software or hardware timecode generator from an external MTC (MIDI timecode) or LTC (linear timecode) SMPTE timecode source, display control solution or even DAW. Switching driver playback between Mitti's powerful internal clock or timecode source is just a click away, but Mitti also supports Jam-Sync.

Video #4: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG is a vector picture editing software that supports SVG and SVGZ formats, with rich functions and features, can help you make any vector image, built-in multiple shortcuts, it is very convenient to use. Boxy SVG is an extensible vector graphics editor. SVG is a standard format for storing vector graphics such as icons, banners, charts, and illustrations. The goal of this project is to create the best SVG editor for non-technical users as well as professional designers and developers.

Video #5: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Cardhop

Cardhop is an address book management tool on Mac computers. Cardhop for Mac has a magical search engine that displays search very intuitively. Simple sentence searching, adding, editing, and adding contacts is simple. Cardhop is a nice and simple menu bar app designed specifically for macOS. Works instantly with existing macOS contacts without configuration. Group, quickly switch contact groups. Annotations, it's convenient to add notes to your contacts. Quickly interact with your nearest contacts. Support iPhone and Bluetooth dialing, there are also dark and light two themes to choose from. Quickly interact with your contacts: Call, copy, email, FaceTime, FaceTime audio, messages, Skype, Telegram, Twitter, URL, and more, all with Cardhop for Mac.

Video #6: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall GraphicConverter

MGraphicConverter is a multi-functional image processing tool on Mac, in addition to supporting the activation of all picture formats of batch conversion, but also support ACDSee-like picture browsing interface, and has a powerful and easy-to-use image editing, metadata editing, beautiful slideshow function, etc., with a variety of other software only have the function, very powerful. GraphicConverter is a general tool for browsing, enhancement, and image conversion. Simply view your photos in a folder on graphicconverter 10. Slideshows for viewing and organizing pictures are very popular among users. Use standard tools to edit images or display the most important controls in a window. Professional users love GraphicConverter 10 because of its wide range of features for handling metadata such as EXIF, IPTC, XMP, and GPS. Is the file name to be copied IPTC described? GraphicConverter 10 will take care of this for you. More than 200 graphic file types can be opened and images in more than 80 formats can be saved. A simple multiple transformation method takes care of batch runs. Want to use the batch function to change the image size or change the color mode to CMYK. Dozens of batch functions can be used. GraphicConverter 10 has all the applications you would expect from a universal Mac image processing. Simple to use and far-reaching options await your stability and reliability. In the press, GraphicConverter is known as the "Swiss Army Knife" and a "comprehensive" guide to image editing on Apple Computer. We couldn't describe it better. Do you want to spell together the best photos of your vacation? The new collage feature has no problems. Select the image file in the browser and open the tile window, where you can find basic layout functions. It's very easy to use and even your kids can do it. This is a promise. For example, when you want to print the best family photos for your annual photo album, you'll notice how useful facial recognition can be. Just enter the name of the person you want to add. GraphicConverter does everything you will to display in the browser with the picture. Do you want to take your child to the best friend? Just enter your own name and it's almost. We all know the situation. You want to print several portraits or passport photos on a piece of paper. Thanks to the new picture package feature, this is now very simple. Select the picture, open the picture package, and go to yours. It's childish, simple and flexible. In addition, it allows you to use precious photo paper in an ideal way.

Video #7: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Rhinoceros

Rhino is a super 3D modeling tool, it contains all the NURBS modeling functions, modeling with it feels very smooth, so we often use it to model, and then export high-precision models to other 3D software to use. Rhino is a professional 3D modeling software. The full English name is Rhinoceros, in the early development of the prototype code name is called "Rhino", officially listed in August 1998, is the United States Robert McNeel & Assoc development of software. Rhino can be widely used in 3D animation, industrial manufacturing, scientific research and mechanical design. It can easily integrate the model functions of 3DS MAX and Softimage, and the performance of 3D NURBS models that require fine, flexible and complex is a bit of a stone. It can output obj, DXF, IGES, STL, 3dm and other different formats, and is suitable for almost all 3D software, especially for increasing the model productivity of the entire 3D work team.

Video #8: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Omni Recover

Omni Recover is one of the best software to recover iPhone data recovery. It works seamlessly with all your Apple devices, iOS, and iTunes versions. Omni Recover lets you retrieve deleted messages, photos, WhatsApp chats, and more, no matter what stage you've reached. Whatever the reason, we've got you covered again – iPhone data is vulnerable to sudden and accidental iOS disasters. For example, deleting photos on iPhone is permanent, and when you swipe to delete a message line, there is no trash bin for recycling. Now, with Omni Recovery, you can safely know that all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch files are easy to recover. From iPhone water damage to man-made accidents, Omni Recover will help you recover lost iOS data regardless of the cause. iPhone data recovery for all types of iOS content – you don't know what's most important on your iPhone until you lose it. Maybe it's your treasured family photo, or a note to keep your bank account data, or what you need most is a line of information. No matter what is important and valuable iOS data, Omni Recover offers a remedy. With industry-leading iPhone data recovery capabilities, Omni Recover is capable of retrieving up to 20+ types of iOS data.

Video #9: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Dash

Dash is a software programming document management tool for MacOS, browsing API documentation, and tools for managing code snippets. Dash comes with rich API documentation covering a variety of mainstream programming languages and frameworks. Dash allows you to browse API documentation, as well as tools for managing code snippets. Dash comes with rich API documentation covering a variety of mainstream programming languages and frameworks, including: ActionScript, Android, C++, CAppuccino, Cocos2D, Cocos3D, Corona, CSS, Django, Groovy, HTML, Java, JavaFX, JavaScript, jQuery, Kobold2D, Lua, MySQL, Node.js, Man Pages, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Scala, Sparrow, SQLite, Unity 3D, WordPress, XSLT, XUL. With Dash's code snippet management feature, you can save code that you use frequently every day, and then set a unique abbreviation for it, so that the tedious work that would otherwise require repeated typing on the keyboard over and over again can be easily handled by Dash.

Video #10: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall GlueMotion

GlueMotion is an ideal tool for time-lapse photographers on Mac computers. GlueMotion for Mac allows users to batch edit images, de-flicker, and assemble image sequences into timed movies. GlueMotion is designed to help you save time and guide you in the creative process. By using the included batch tool, you don't even need to use additional applications. GlueMotion crops, rotates, flips, and adjusts the colors of your photos, such as exposure, saturation, and brightness. Here, the app can also de-blink photo sequences. In other words, GlueMotion will analyze photos and automatically select the best brightness correction for each image. This application is suitable for professional-grade needs. That's why it's able to easily process thousands of images on its own. And, so it also supports all industry-standard formats. The app is capable of importing PNG, JPEG, and all RAW image formats supported by macOS. Exported movies can be encoded using H.264, Apple ProRes, and HEVC.

The verdit: App Uninstaller is an Editors' Choice winner for the Mac app removal utility category, offering top-notch app removal capability and the best pricing, charged only once and everything included: lifetime license, free updates, free upgrades and free tech support.