Is UninstallService Legit? UninstallService Windows Uninstaller & Mac Uninstaller Review

Have you been searching for an in-depth review of UninstallService, one of the most popular and essential tools to uninstall unwanted Windows & Mac apps on desktop computers. At YooSecurity, we've assembled a team of expert to have a thorough test on using UninstallService to check whether it is really working to get the app removal job done for you without hassle. The result: To date, UninstallService is the best utility for both Windows and Mac apps removal.

Testing apps: Our team will be rigorously testing a list of apps by using UninstallService to uninstall them. This list of apps are continually updated and growing from time to time.

Use UninstallService to uninstall Windows apps

Video #1: Use UninstallService to uninstall Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro is a vector graphics editor that has been designed for both novice and professional users. It allows you to create any kind of graphic from logos to illustrations. Xara Designer Pro enables you to create any kind of graphic from logos to illustrations. The software provides an intuitive interface, which makes it easy for even inexperienced users to learn how to use the software without any difficulties.

Video #2: Use UninstallService to uninstall ACDSee Photo Studio

ACDSee Photo Studio is a complete photo editing and management software. It is a paid software that offers features like RAW file editing, batch processing, and batch renaming. ACDSee Photo Studio is the advanced version of ACDSee Photo Editor. The software has all the features of ACDSee Photo Editor but also includes RAW file editing, batch processing, and batch renaming.

Video #3: Use UninstallService to uninstall AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is one of the popular backup solutions for Windows PC. It is designed to be easy to use and to help you keep your computer and data safe. AOMEI Backupper is designed to work with any version of Windows, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7. It can also be used on Mac and Linux. In addition to being free, AOMEI Backupper is also open-source. This means that anyone can download and use the software for free. It also means that anyone can make changes to the software and release new versions of the software for free. AOMEI Backupper is also easy to install and use. It only takes a few minutes to install and start using the software. Once you have installed AOMEI Backupper, you can start backing up your computer or data files.

Video #4: Use UninstallService to uninstall CyberLink PhotoDirector

CyberLink PhotoDirector is a digital photo editing software developed by CyberLink. It allows users to perform various photo editing tasks, including adjusting the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation of an image. The application has a wide range of tools and effects that are designed to improve the quality and appearance of your images. You can also add text or adjust other basic settings, including resolution and file type. There are several different ways to use CyberLink PhotoDirector. You can choose to work with the program as a complete package that includes all of its features. Or you can use it as a standalone application for simple edits. And you can either create new photos or import existing files from your camera, computer, or phone. Another way to use CyberLink PhotoDirector is as a tool to share your photos with friends, family, and colleagues. It will allow you to easily transfer, export, and share your images online via email or social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Video #5: Use UninstallService to uninstall DVDFab

DVDFab is a powerful DVD/Blu-ray Copy/Burning software that can easily clone any Blu-ray, DVD or even hard drive ISO image to blank DVD/Blu-ray discs. It also enables you to backup your Blu-ray movies, rip DVD movies to mobile devices like iPad/iPhone/Android, convert between video formats and burn AVCHD videos for playback on portable players. With its easy to use and intuitive interface, DVDFab is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create backup copies of their important data. It is always recommended to backup your data before upgrading your system or when cleaning up old files on your computer. DVDFab takes care of all the dirty work of duplicating your discs and ensuring that your data is safe.

Video #6: Use UninstallService to uninstall Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is a remote desktop access software that allows remote users to connect to the computer, control the mouse and keyboard, and run applications. It supports both client-server and peer-to-peer connections. Remote Desktop Manager is designed for two scenarios: when an IT administrator needs to provide remote access to a computer for its users or when a user needs to connect to another computer from his or her own home computer. It can be used in business or personal environments. Remote Desktop Manager can be used both on Windows computers as well as on Mac computers. When the need arises to provide remote access to a computer, one of the first things that must be done is to configure the connection settings on each connected computer. This includes specifying the host name or IP address of the computer that will be accessing the other computers, as well as setting up port forwarding on routers if necessary. Next, Remote Desktop Manager must be installed on the target PCs, which are usually configured via Group Policy Objects (GPOs) or using Remote Desktop Services. Once these steps have been taken, Remote Desktop Manager can be used by either connecting to another computer directly from within Windows or by connecting via RDP protocol and then running programs such Remote Desktop Client on the target PC.

Video #7: Use UninstallService to uninstall Total Commander

Total Commander is a file manager that provides features similar to Windows Explorer. Total Commander allows users to browse and manage files, folders, and drives by displaying their content in tree-like categories. Total Commander also supports drag-and-drop operations as well as command line access, which makes it a useful tool for power users. In addition to its file management capabilities, Total Commander can be used for other tasks such as browsing the internet or running programs. The program comes with a built-in web browser that can be used to view websites or download files from the internet. In addition, Total Commander can be used to run programs and scripts on the system using its built-in command line interface (CLI). For example, Total Commander can be used to run batch files or scripts on the system without having to install an additional program. Total Commander can also be used to mount external devices such as USB flash drives or optical disks so they can be accessed directly from the system’s file system.

Video #8: Use UninstallService to uninstall Wondershare EdrawMax

EdrawMax is a robust and easy to use drawing program. It can be used to create all types of drawings, including line art, object design, architectural plans and more. With EdrawMax you can easily create professional looking drawings with a simple drag-and-drop interface. EdrawMax also includes a wide variety of useful features such as zoom, pan and rotation. It is free to download and try.

Video #9: Use UninstallService to uninstall CyberLink YouCam

CyberLink YouCam is a webcam app that allows you to instantly publish and share your live video footage with the world. It has a number of features, such as the ability to focus your camera on different subjects depending on their location in the frame, allowing you to create content that's more relevant to your audience. YouCam is also integrated with a variety of popular social media networks, so you can easily share your videos and photos with friends - whether they're watching on desktop or mobile devices. Like many other video apps, CyberLink YouCam is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app offers basic controls such as still image capture and video recording modes, along with the ability to view existing videos within the app. However, it's not just for casual users; YouCam is designed for professionals who want to create high-quality content that looks professional right out of the gate.

Video #10: Use UninstallService to uninstall Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a new photography app from Luminar Technologies that lets you shoot and edit photos using your iPhone camera. It's an alternative to the flagship Luminar app for Android, and it works in a similar way. But it doesn't have the full set of tools found in the desktop version, so its features are more limited. There are two things that set Luminar Neo apart from other photo apps: You can choose how your photos look by adjusting their exposure, contrast, and color temperature settings. And there's no long-term storage or photo management required because the app creates copies of your photos as you take them. Luminar Neo is free to download and use, but it has a few limitations: You can't edit RAW files, so no professional editing is available. And you can't select multiple photos at once when shooting in burst mode; you have to pick one at a time.

Video #11: Use UninstallService to uninstall Hex Editor Neo Ultimate

Hex Editor Neo Ultimate is a powerful hex editor for Windows. It has a lot of useful features, such as an integrated debugger, built-in file manager, complete file operations, and support for various file formats. You can use it to edit and view files in various ways. It also supports editing binary files, so you can edit raw binary data. You can use it to edit all kinds of text files and image files. You can also use it to edit registry keys. It supports viewing the contents of multiple files at once, so you can compare or merge them. It also supports creating new folders and subfolders, so it's very convenient for working with large projects. It's lightweight and easy to use. And, it's free and open source. So you don't have to worry about paying any money for it. There are no ads, no spyware, no tracking cookies, no popups and so on.

Video #12: Use UninstallService to uninstall CyberLink Screen Recorder

CyberLink Screen Recorder is a free screen capture & video capture program that can be used to record any kind of screen activity on your computer. It is mainly designed to be used by those interested in making videos that showcase their desktop or laptop screen, but it can also be used to record other kinds of screen activity such as the audio from an audio player or the webcam feed. It can also be used for other purposes such as taking screenshots for reporting purposes, but this is not its main purpose. It works by capturing the contents of the screen using either a built-in webcam or by using a supported third party webcam. Once captured, it can be saved as an .MP4 file, .AVI file, .MOV file, .JPG file, or .PNG file. The format of the video file will depend on what type of video format you choose to save it in and whether you chose to include sound. The main advantages of using CyberLink Screen Recorder are that it is free, easy to use, and has a wide range of formats that can be saved in. One of the main disadvantages is that it does not have advanced features such as the ability to take screen shots while recording.

Video #13: Use UninstallService to uninstall EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master is a program that allows you to resize, merge and format hard drives, create bootable drives, create partitions and delete files safely. It has been designed with simplicity in mind and is easy to use. The program also has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and operate. It can be used on both Windows and Mac systems. It is available for free download from the official website. EaseUS Partition Master is a reliable partition manager that is capable of performing all the basic tasks of the program. It can be used to resize, merge, format, create bootable drives, create partitions and delete files safely. It also comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and operate. All in all, EaseUS Partition Master is a reliable partition manager that is capable of performing all the basic tasks of the program.

Video #14: Use UninstallService to uninstall XYplorer

XYplorer is a Windows program that enables users to view and edit XML data. It has both a graphical user interface (GUI) and a command-line interface (CLI). Use the GUI to create, edit, and view XML files. Use the CLI to process XML files. The CLI can be used for scripting. A character-based editor is used for editing text data. The GUI can be used for viewing data. Both are useful for different purposes. XYplorer is an open-source project that is developed by many contributors. It is written in C++ using Qt5 and QML as its framework.

Video #15: Use UninstallService to uninstall Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a Windows program that allows you to download files faster by controlling the speed of your Internet connection. It can reduce the time it takes to download large files, such as movies and music. With Internet Download Manager, you can: - Control the speed of your Internet connection - Set a maximum transfer rate - Set a minimum size for each file that you want to download - Monitor the status of the transfer process So, why not give Internet Download Manager a try today? After installing this free program, you’ll be able to download files quickly and easily!

Video #16: Use UninstallService to uninstall Hard Disk Sentinel Pro

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is a data recovery software that can recover files from a damaged hard disk. Through the use of advanced algorithms and techniques, Hard Disk Sentinel Pro can recover files from damaged storage devices such as hard drives, USB drives, memory cards and solid state drives. More importantly, it can also recover deleted files, even those that have been permanently erased. The software supports all major operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10, Mac or later, Linux and Android 4.0 or later.

Video #17: Use UninstallService to uninstall Process Lasso

Process Lasso is a tool that helps you to visualize and analyze your process. The tool can be used to improve your process by identifying issues, gaps, bottlenecks and opportunities. It allows you to create visual representations of your processes and make them more understandable for your team members. The key benefits of using Process Lasso are: Reduce WIP (work in progress) – It is known that having low WIP is one of the major reasons for improving productivity. By using Process Lasso, you can quickly identify areas where there are idle resources and reduce it. Increase velocity – Using Process Lasso, you can analyze how much time is required to complete a task by each stage. This way, you can optimize the entire process and make sure that every step is completed fast enough to meet deadlines.

Video #18: Use UninstallService to uninstall Stardock Fences

Stardock Fences is a Windows application that allows you to create "Fences" for your computer's desktop. The Fences are virtual barriers that can be used to help you organize and customize the look of your Windows desktop. There are two types of Fences that you can use with Stardock Fences: Flat Fences - These are simple, rectangular strips that can be used to organize different areas of your computer desktop. For example, you might put a Flat Fence in the middle of your screen so that it's easy for you to see the area in front of your monitor. Organization Fences - These are more advanced versions of Flat Fence that allow you to create custom shapes, colors, and sizes. They can also be combined with other tools like sticky notes and folders to help you organize all of the different elements on your computer desktop.

Use UninstallService to uninstall Mac apps

We have tested and used UninstallService Mac uninstaller to remove Mac apps. And it works very well to get rid of any tested apps we have on our Mac pro, completely removing the app and all the associated files in just a few clicks.

Video #1: Use UninstallService to uninstall Bartender

Bartender is a Mac menu bar icon organizer that enables you sort messy menu bar icons on your Mac and can choose to hide them permanently or temporarily hide some icons by organizing. It is designed to run on macOS and allows users to create custom menu bars or remove any unwanted icons from the menu bar. Bartender provides features like hiding the Dock, hiding specific applications, and creating custom application menus. Bartender provides two modes to make the menu bar simple and beautiful, users can either automatically expand the hidden icon function, or select the Bartender Bar of the new menu bar layout, set hidden items to appear below the menu bar, to maximize your menu bar space. What should I do if I receive the communication software icon and the important message is ignored? Don't worry, Bartender also has a custom trigger display feature that automatically displays hidden icons to alert you when there are changes in the software, such as notifications. If you want to make your menu bar more special, you can customize the icon settings, Bartender has a variety of style icon styles for you to choose from, you can also add text messages and emoji. In addition, Bartender has many useful functions - shortcut keys to quickly perform menu bar operations, drag and drop management, quick search, etc., highly integrated with the system, improve your macOS menu bar experience, make the menu bar clean and beautiful, and help you improve efficiency.

Video #2: Use UninstallService to uninstall BetterZip

BetterZip is a file compression and decompression software that has been designed to replace the standard zip files. It is a cross-platform application that supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. BetterZip has been around for more than 20 years. It is one of the most popular compression utilities in the world, with an estimated 10 million downloads on all major platforms. BetterZip allows users to compress or extract files from archives in various formats including ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, TAR GZIP, BZ2 and many others. The software also provides an option for password protection for compressed archives which can be decoded only by those who know the password.

Video #3: Use UninstallService to uninstall Boom 3D

Boom 3D is a 3D design and printing software that is used to create and print 3D models. Boom 3D has three different versions: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. The Basic version costs $49, the Professional version costs $99, and the Enterprise version is priced at $199.

Video #4: Use UninstallService to uninstall Capture One

Capture One is a photo editing software that has been around for over two decades. It is used by both amateur and professional photographers. Capture One was founded in 1993 and has since been a pioneer in the industry of professional photo editing software. It started as a niche product, but it quickly expanded to be used by amateurs and professionals alike. It is currently one of the most popular photo editing software programs in the world, with over 1 million registered users. Capture One has many features that are not available on other programs like Photoshop or Lightroom. These features include: RAW image support, batch processing, non-destructive editing, and more.

Video #5: Use UninstallService to uninstall Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a free and powerful, yet easy-to-use download accelerator and manager. It can speed up your downloads by splitting files into several pieces and downloading them simultaneously, or by downloading only the necessary parts of big files from the Internet. It provides the following features: Downloads resume automatically at break points when you have to restart your computer; Ability to pause downloads in order to use other programs or take a break from your computer; Customizable user interface with skins support; Supports multiple languages.

Video #6: Use UninstallService to uninstall EdgeView

EdgeView is an image viewer for Mac devices. You can open all kinds of image files, or you can open archive files like ZIP without extraction. You can check and open files in the built-in file browser, and you can connect to FTP and open files directly.

Video #7: Use UninstallService to uninstall FontLab

FontLab is a font editor that helps you create and design your own fonts. FontLab can be used to edit fonts, create new fonts, and explore the design of typefaces. It also has a library of over 120,000 glyphs that you can use in your designs. FontLab VI is a font editing software on Mac that automatically calculates kerning and metrics, can also modify font, glyph and technical font information, and can also open any of BitFonter Photofont (PHF + PNG, + SVG), Fontographer (FOG), Glyphs, Ikarus in zip. With FontLab VI, you can create, open, modify, draw, spatial, text, prompt and export desktop, web pages, colors, and variable fonts. The app is an all-rounder font editor, but also supports data exchange with other font creation tools, making it easy to integrate into your existing workflows. We've put all of us in FontLab VI. We spoke with designers from all over the world and observed their work. We've kept the best features of the classic apps FontLab Studio and Fontographer, including many familiar keyboard FontLab shortcuts. But we rethought and streamlined every feature. We've also come up with some new, ultra-bold ideas. FontLab VI brings groundbreaking new drawing tools and responsive contour manipulation to make your design process easier and more efficient, whether you're an expert or a beginner. FontLab now supports color and variability, so you can explore these new possibilities and expand your creative reach. We've integrated industry-standard software components and collated established best practices into applications to help your fonts get technically best-in-class.

Video #8: Use UninstallService to uninstall ForkLift

ForkLift is an open-source file manager for macOS. It was created by Amit Singh in 2004 and is currently maintained by John R. Lewis. ForkLift is a powerful file management tool for macOS, with a sleek interface that makes it easy to find and manage your files. ForkLift’s clean, user-friendly interface, coupled with its advanced features make it the ideal tool for anyone who wants to be more productive with their files on a Mac. Forklift is a classic two-bar interface layout software that allows drag-and-drop. It eats all FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, iDisk, SMB, AFP and NIS protocols, and its functionality goes far beyond FTP and other protocols. Forklift can achieve local remote directory synchronization, FXP replication (without going through the native server-to-server file transfer), remote editing; If there is a need for remote file management of the website, these functions are a big killer that facilitates multi-person cooperation. The software also provides a variety of convenient functions, Synclet/Disklet/Droplet, fast and practical. Forklift contains all Finder functions, Quick Look, Cover Flow are all implemented, and also makes up for many file management deficiencies in Finder. For file management, the copy/cut/paste shortcut keys are finally realized. In addition, the unimaginably powerful set of software features, direct browsing search for files within zip/RAR/gz/tar archives, split/merge large files according to SFV/CRC standards, batch renaming, local folder synchronization, app uninstall. Not to mention the extensive shortcut key support and customization, the terminal can be called up at any time.

Video #9: Use UninstallService to uninstall HandBrake

HandBrake is a free and open-source video transcoder for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. Handbrake is a popular tool for converting videos in bulk. It has the ability to take a video file, convert it into an MP4, and then cut out any unwanted scenes. It also has the ability to split one large video file into smaller ones if desired. HandBrake is an old-fashioned, open source and free video conversion tool that supports embedded subtitles and has a variety of preset resolutions for easy operation. It makes it easy to convert captured audio and video documents into easy-to-share formats, or space-friendly archive backups.

Video #10: Use UninstallService to uninstall IINA

IINA is a local multimedia player developed by using Swift, open source and free, simple interface running smoothly, supporting most common audio and video encoding formats. IINA supports picture-in-picture playback, automatic search for subtitles and video screenshots and preview. Based on mpv, IINA is an elegant video player with support for Touch Bar, MPV scripting, support for almost all formats, network playback, and an elegant look. IINA supports almost all popular formats and is functionally completely inferior to the established players on Windows. Using mpv as its own playback kernel, IINA inherits extremely powerful decoding capabilities from the bloodline, and compared to MPlayerX, which also uses mvp, IINA uses a more efficient mode and renders using the original screen resolution for faster and more stable decoding. Another benefit is that high-end users who are familiar with and like mpv can directly adjust or load the mpv configuration to achieve advanced customization. IINA is fully modern media player, from media format support/interface UI/encoding/subtitles (default + manual + automatic network download) and flexible and powerful customization and other features, it is enough to be competent for any of your playback scenes. Before IINA did not appear, MPlayerX was used, which would cause the screen to freeze and the screen to be stuck due to coding and resolution problems during playback; But after changing IINA, the problem was comfortably solved.

Video #11: Use UninstallService to uninstall Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera

Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera is a software that provides read-write access to Windows NTFS file system. The company has been developing the software for more than 20 years and it has been used by more than 100 million people around the world in various industries. By default, Mac system only supports reading NTFS, does not support writing NTFS partitions, so you will find that your portable hard disk or USB stick can not write files, install Texera NTFS or Paragon NTFS can write NTFS partition. Mac does not support writing to NTFS volumes in Microsoft Windows format. Tuxera NTFS for Mac is a professional NTFS driver software designed for Mac users, Tuxera NTFS for Mac protects your data while providing the fastest data transfer. Tuxera NTFS for Mac supports all versions of Mac, from 10.4 (Tiger) to the 64-bit kernel of MacOS, while Tuxera NTFS for Mac also has advanced features unique to Tuxera, such as support for NTFS extension properties. Tuxera NTFS for Mac is compatible with both popular virtualization and encryption solutions such as Parallels Desktop®, VMware Fusion®, and TrueCrypt.

Video #12: Use UninstallService to uninstall One Switch

One Switch is a tool on the Mac platform that combines the functions of the system with one click. One Switch for Mac is a small app designed to increase your efficiency with quick access to some important switches. It can be opened from the menu bar and toggles some system functions with just a few clicks.

Video #13: Use UninstallService to uninstall Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is a software package that allows a computer to run two operating systems at the same time. The most common use of Parallels Desktop is for running Windows on a Mac. This can be useful for people who need access to Windows-only software, or for developers who need access to both Windows and macOS. Parallels Desktop is the most powerful and flexible virtualization solution, allowing you to access many applications on both Windows and Mac systems at any time on the same computer without restarting. From PC-only gaming to productivity software, Parallels Desktop makes it simple to use. If you want to say that the best virtualization software in the era of Apple silicon, then you have to mention Parallels Desktop. With the upcoming release of macOS Ventura, this virtualization software has also recently released a major update, and virtualization operations for Windows 11 have become simpler. As a major version upgrade, macOS Ventura, which will be officially released in the fall, has naturally been supported in this update, and as for backward compatibility, Parallels Desktop 18 has a minimum support of macOS Mojave 10.14.

Video #14: Use UninstallService to uninstall Paste

Paste is a powerful Mac clipboard record management tool, after opening this software all the data you copy will be stored in the software, you want to use the software directly open the software to find the content. Paste set MacOS/iOS two platform excellent features, such as: clipboard history (Clipboard History) using iOS multi-task card switching interface, clipboard search (Search) obviously borrowed from the Mac Launchpad in the App search UI, although it is an imitation, but put on the clipboard function management is just right, with the hotkey quick call, it is more handy to use. Click Clipboard to record the copy action, for text we can choose to automatically clear the source content style, and in the background can customize the capacity of the Clipbaord History display, from 10, 50, 100, 500, or even unlimited to choose from.

Video #15: Use UninstallService to uninstall Photobulk

Photobulk is a Mac image batch watermarking tool, whether it is a text class or a picture type of watermark, PhotoBulk can add it for you, through the switch written on both sides of the text and image can be adjusted. For watermarks, the software provides some of the most basic settings, such as the font and size of the text, the resolution of the picture, the transparency, etc. Photobulk is a free photo editing software that allows you to edit images from your desktop or mobile device. It includes features like cropping, rotating, resizing, and adding effects to your photos. Photobulk also has the ability to create collages and add text to your image in just a few clicks.

Video #16: Use UninstallService to uninstall Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is a powerful, yet easy-to-use image editor that lets you do more than simply fix images. It includes everything from simple retouching to advanced editing and everything in between. It also has a built-in photo editor for quick fixes and adjustments. The Pixelmator Pro boasts many new features and makes artificial intelligence play a bigger role in image processing. Pixelmator Pro is an evolved version of Pixelmator. The new Pixelmator Pro integrates the deep learning capabilities of artificial intelligence into features such as level detection, automatic layer naming, stain repair tools, and quick selection tools for better processing. The Pixelmator Pro is designed entirely with Apple's operating system as a reference, vowing to carry out the minimalist style to the end, so the new version of the software adopts a single-window design. Despite its minimalist style overall, the Pixelmator Pro doesn't compromise on actual functionality, and all the tools, including image editing, digital brushes, color adjustments, and more, are neatly arranged on either side of the workspace. The Pixelmator Pro supports iCloud backup and sync features, as well as Touch Bar and split-screen multitasking on Apple's new MacBook Pro computers. As one of Photoshop's alternate applications, Pixelmator Pro won the favor of many Mac users as soon as it was launched. Because of its excellent interface design close to native applications, stable and updated rich features, and immediate landing of artificial intelligence applications, and of course, the more affordable price, I also used Pixelmator Pro as my main image editing tool for a long time. Recently, Pixelmator Pro updated version 3.0, introduced more than 200 templates and design models, and greatly reduced the cost of customization of templates and design models through smart replacement, element change and color schemes. For non-design professionals, "building a car from scratch" in design works is a costly but low-reward thing; For design professionals, mature, rich templates and design models can help them improve output efficiency. As a result, the template library added by Pixelmator Pro in the new version 3.0 is a very useful and useful feature for most users. When I create a new document in Pixelmator Pro, the app takes you to the template library interface, where I can start selecting and creating from the default blank documents and colorful templates. The template is divided into three categories: brand template, resume (official translation is "continue", wrong) and design model, of which the brand template contains social media, printing, video, logo four carriers, each set of brand templates is a complete set of visual design, can help small and medium-sized enterprises with the lowest cost to create a set of their own brand exclusive solutions.

Video #17: Use UninstallService to uninstall Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr Photo Editor is a photo editing application that helps you create stunning images. It has many features that are not available in other photo editing apps. Polarr Photo Editor is a photo editing application with many features that are not available in other photo-editing applications. It has an intuitive interface and powerful tools to help you create stunning images, whether it’s for personal use or professional work. Polarr Photo Editor is the best app for photographers who want to edit photos on their mobile device, but it also provides the same level of quality as desktop software for those who prefer using a computer. It is an advanced and easy-to-use retouching software designed for the majority of photography players and enthusiasts. From high-precision optical and color tools, advanced sharpness and dehaze settings, to saving your own presets, customizing watermarks, to exporting photos in bulk – in just 4MB of compact size, Spicy Retouching is the ideal retouching app designed for photographers who want lightweight, flexible and professional ruggedness, and is well received by photographers, students and professionals alike.

Video #18: Use UninstallService to uninstall HoudahSpot

HoudahSpot is a digital asset management application for storing and managing digital files. It can automatically find duplicate files, organize photos, videos, music and more. It also has a built-in file browser that can be used to find and open files on the computer without having to search for them in HoudahSpot’s library. HoudahSpot is a versatile file search tool built on Apple's powerful Spotlight engine, which is very simple and convenient to use, and the results are very good. HoudahSpot is a search tool on Mac, based on the built-in Spotlight function, can be exceptionally accurate for you to find the object you want to find, although in recent years Spotlight seems to have developed more and more useful, but HoudahSpot's accurate screening mechanism has won it the love of many Power users. HoudahSpot has a very simple interface, but it is very accurate in the performance of search results, providing users with a wealth of filters that can be used together, and with detailed results information and preview functions. Users can choose based on the name, type, author, keywords, prefix included, created/modified time, size, etc., and can be combined into filters, and then just tap to start and wait for the results to appear.

Video #19: Use UninstallService to uninstall SQLPro Studio

SQLPro Studio is a very practical database management software, the software can help users quickly and intelligently manage the database of various materials and files, simple operation, can better help users manage the database in time, welcome users in need to download and use. SQLPro Studio is an excellent database client on Mac, supporting mainstream databases such as Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc., and can be easily used to manage databases.

Video #20: Use UninstallService to uninstall TotalFinder

TotalFinder is the best Finder enhancement tool on Mac, TotalFinder provides multi-tab browsing, copy paths, cut files, show hidden files, double-column window mode, color labels, and more. TotalFinder can implement multiple Finder windows in Mac systems, displayed in the same window. Just like Chrome's tab bar, this is very faceted. Added tags, notifications, hotkeys and more to Finder. It's very nice to manage system files.

The verdit: UninstallService is the legit and best solution to get rid of Windows & Mac apps completely with ease. It is affordable and one-time cost, including free updates, free upgrades and free tech support.