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YooSecurity Services

How YooSecurity Works

We'll fix your Windows PCs, MAC or mobile devices online via TeamViewer.

  1. Live chat with our experts online;
  2. With your permission, connect to your computer/mobile device to resolve your problems;
  3. Complete the fix with your computer/mobile device working again.

Threats Removal Services

After you contact us, one of our experts accesses your computer/mobile device, fully check and then clean all threats quickly and completely. The services include:

  1. Virus Removal
    Trojan Horse
    Alureon Trojan
    Conficker virus
  2. Spyware Removal
    Spam Tools Sniffers
    Spam Email
  3. Adware Removal
    Annoyances Browser Hijackers Nukers Mail bombers
  4. Malware Removal
    Rogue Antispyware
    Fake Antivirus
  5. Rookit Infection Removal
    Keyloggers Tracking Cookies
    MBR Infection
    Any new threats that appear

Computer/Mobile Device Repair and Maintanance Services

Our in-house professionals will fix any computer/mobile device problems that can be fixed remotely, and provide helps to resolve any hardware issues that your computer or mobile devices are experiencing.

  1. Computer/Mobile Device Diagnosis and Repair
    Help you fully diagnostic the whole system
    Fix Computer shuts down Repair Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
    Fix Network problems
    Fix System failure Bugs (Including upgrade error, system failure to restore, system software error)
    Office Support
    Network Troubleshooting
    No Boot up Repair
  2. Registry Clean-up and Repair
    Clean junk files
    Fix Registry Errors
    Fix system 32 error, dll errors
    Registry repair/clean-up
  3. Computer/Mobile Device Tune-up & Optimization
    Uninstall unwanted programs
    Fix Freezing Computers
    Driver Upgrade & Repair
    Speed Up Computer/Mobile Device (Fix Slow Computer/Mobile Device)
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